Commerce is at the center of the Internet economic revolution. eCommerce has established itself as the new way of doing business online.

What is eCommerce?

E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce (EC) is the process of conducting business transactions in a virtual economic environment (process through the internet). Every business needs a dynamic store at a right location. In the eCommerce environment, the requirement for a successful business is dynamic website which is capable of handling all business transaction. This is where I-NET Software Solutions comes into picture, we transform your business vision into an online reality.

Why Sell Online?

In this economic environment, no company wants expenses and logistical wastes. E-commerce is an active and trusted business solution where products and services can be sold and purchased while sitting in the comforts of your couch. I-NET Software Solutions offers one of the best eCommerce solutions in the business. Some of the major benefits of adopting an I-NET Software Solutions eCommerce solution are:

  • 24 X 7 X 365 days business - Non-stop business transaction - even when you are sleeping.
  • Global customer reach - Websites have a global nature and it can be accessed through Internet from anywhere in the world.
  • Rapid & uniform information - Not like a traditional store, an online store is able to deliver quick messages about services, products, and promotions.
  • Enhanced Bottom-line - The presence of an online store provides reliability to your physical store leading to a greater trust factor as well as a greater sales.
  • Automated Operations - eCommerce solutions are flawlessly integrated with Payment and accounting gateways leading to a complete automation of business transactions.
  • Enhanced Web visibility - eCommerce Websites are Search Engine Friendly - a greater chance for your business to be found on the web.